Electric bicycles at Casa Fontelheira!

We have electric bicycles since this month and rent them as well.
The bikes are part of Evelo bikes and our guests and others of course also,
These bikes can be rented at Casa Fontelheira.

Bicycles can drive 130 km. So it is now possible to cycle from Casa Fontelheira to the beautiful and idyllic Amarante on the newly cycled cycle path and cycle the Route da Romantica.
Along the way you will find many beautiful sights like the castle of Arnoia.

During this bike tour you will see Northern Portugal as you do not see by car and you will be amazed at the beautiful nature and culture that Northern Portugal has to offer.

The beautiful and romantic Amarante is also worth a visit during your holiday in Northern Portugal.
This place is located on the shore of Tamega. The monastery of Sao Goncalo is a famous building in this beautiful place.