Special activities for children

We have noticed that we draw many families with children of all ages during the holiday seasons. And of course the kids will not be forgotten at Casa Fontelheira! We have asked ourselves what children would really like to do and we have made a small selection of activities for kids at Casa Fontelheira.
Besides the usual board games Casa Fontelheira can lend to children, such as Rummikub, Ludo, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Boggle etcetera, we also organize great games for kids of all ages. We offer regular table tennis and boules games, water sports, badminton and volleyball tournaments. All these are of course subject to the number of participants interested. It is also possible for entire families to participate and take on each other in tournaments. Below is a small selection of the special activities for kids (as well as for curious parents).

Making pizza at Casa Fontelheira:

Once a week all children may learn how to make their own pizza. They get to roll out the dough into a round form, top the pizza with all of the goodies they like and then place the pizza in a special oven near the restaurant. It’s an instant success and all kids get to enjoy their own pizza!

Science at Casa Fontelheira:

During the summer season when there are many children present at the park, there is a science night for kids once a week. Diana and Nuno, who both speak excellent English, will entertain the children with special tricks, insights and facts about science. The nights are always a great success with the children.

Geocaching at Casa Fontelheira:

Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunting game. Children (possibly with the help of their parents) will have to find a treasure, the so-called geocache, using leads and GPS coordinates. Geocaching will give a normal walk an extra dimension, making it super exciting for children. You may find the geocache, the special treasure, with the help of a GPS device or with an app on your smartphone. You do need an internet connection for this. The cache usually is a small waterproof container, featuring a log and the treasure itself. Having hidden the treasure, the person placing it will reveal the location to the other geocachers. Upon finding the treasure they may trade or add certain objects. Close to Casa Fontelheira is a beautiful walking and cycling route, containing many hidden treasures, making it ideal for geocaching!
Never a dull moment for the children at Casa Fontelheira!