Charity & social involvement

We love Portugal, and are true dog lovers. Unfortunately, these two loves do not always go together, given the large number of stray dogs in the surroundings of Vila Nune. As far as dealing with animals is concerned, we are dealing with a large cultural difference. Many dogs in Northern Portugal are neglected and abused. Puppies are left everywhere and nowhere. That is why we contribute our heart and soul to the softening of this animal suffering. We are committed to both the dogs and the municipality.

Owners wanted for Portuguese dogs

We realize that letting dogs adopt the problem does not help, and therefore encourage sterilization and castration projects in Portugal. But of course the poor dogs that were born here have not asked for it. We help these animals in every possible way. Among others by looking for owners in the Netherlands. We let the dogs check with the vet, provide vaccinations and arrange an official passport. In this way they can be adopted in a safe and reliable way. All help is welcome. Maybe you think it’s a nice idea to accompany a Portuguese dog to the Netherlands when you fly home? Maybe you know someone who is looking for a sweet, grateful dog from abroad? We greatly appreciate your help. Every gesture from our guests is of course entirely without obligation. Let us know if you want to support our involvement with Portuguese dogs …
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On the picture above you can see our own faithful four-legged friend Vinha, the happy dog ​​or Casa Fontelheira. And the puppies below are darlings who through our mediation have found the happiness of an adoptive family..)