From breakfast to drinks and dinner

How wonderful is it to have nothing to do with eating on holiday? That is why we are happy to pamper our guests. From a fresh breakfast in the morning, to a pleasant meet & greet in the afternoon and a dinner at sunset. Everything is fresher than fresh, because of course we use local products. Every day we get our ingredients from our own garden or from the farmer further on. So you can taste the real Portuguese delicacies.

Breakfast at your accommodation

No rush and fly in the morning, but wonderfully wake up in peace. Every morning we bring a well-filled picnic basket to your ‘door’. The fresh rolls come from the local bakery. You easily enter your order at the reception.

Drinks at Casa Fontelheira

In the afternoon we regularly serve a delicious petiscos (tapas) scale of the house around the terrace and pool. Have a chat, get acquainted and exchange experiences while enjoying a snack and a drink. You can also go here for a delicious cocktail or a healthy fruit smoothie à la Casa Fontelheira..

Dine in the restaurant or outside

Dine in the restaurant or outside In the evening we ensure that you can move around at 7 pm. The menu differs every day and so does the price. One day we have a nice barbecue together and the next evening you can enjoy a culinary masterpiece from our own kitchen. The fresh products come from the environment and are all grown by local farmers. Many herbs come directly from our own country, how special is that? We serve dinner in our cozy Adega or in our authentic courtyard

Of course we find it very nice if we can receive you at the drinks or dinner. And the next morning we are happy to have you again with our breakfast basket at your lodge or casa. Nothing is allowed and everything is allowed at Casa Fontelheira!